Sunday, May 17, 2009

Miss Philippines Earth 2009 Winners

Sandra Seifert Crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2009

Sandra Seifert of Negros Occidental was crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2009 in the Coronation Night held at The Arena in San Juan City last night besting 49 candidates. It was a double victory, since another Negros Occidental candidate, Adie Adelantar of Victorias City was crowned Miss Eco-Tourism.

It was a heart-warming moment when Seifert and Adelantar held hands and raised their arms when Billy Crawford was about to announce who between them will be crowned Miss Philippines Earth. It’s like they’re raising the pride and glory of Negros Occidental. They really made their fellow Negrenses proud.

Seifert and Adelantar had very impressive answers both in the Top 10 and in the Final Question and Answer which received thunderous applause from the audience. Indeed, they have the brains to go with the face and body.

Seifert is very updated on the environmental issues in Negros Occidental especially in Bacolod City. Seifert identified waste segregation as the major concern of Negros Occidental having only three out of the 13 citites implement the Solid Waste Management Act. She said it’s her advocacy to promote solid waste management so that more cities and municipalities in the province implement it.

Seifert and Adelantar are both previous candidates in the Bb. Pilipinas pageant. Whereas Adelantar failed to grab the crown in 2007, Seifert was controversially disqualified two days before the coronation night of Bb. Pilipinas 2009 because of some racy photos with FHM. What a great come back for the two beauty queens!

Another winner from Western Visayas was Michelle Martha Braun of Aklan.

Miss Philippines-Earth2009 Complete Results

Miss Philippines Earth 2009
Sandra Seifert (Negros Occidental)

Miss Philippines Eco Tourism
Adie Adelantar (Victorias City)

Miss Philippines Fire
Patricia Marie Tumulak (Quezon City)

Miss Philippines Air
Michelle Martha Braun (Aklan)

Miss Philippines Water
Catherine Loyola (Sydney Australia)`



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