Friday, July 10, 2009

The Best Place to Find a Date

Girls? You want to know where the best place to find a date is? Listen to the words of the old song, "where the boys are." That is where you will find a date. Honestly, where you will find men is the best place to meet them. Need a new hammer? Head over to the local hardware store and check out the hammers and the men while you are at it. If anything, you have a perfect ice breaker if you do find a likely prospect. "Pardon me, which of these hammers would you recommend?" In my experience, most men love to talk to women, and they love to talk about tools, so before you know it you just might have date. I just hope for you sake he is done talking about hammers by then.

Local sporting events might be a good place to look too. If you are lucky enough to live near a college or university, you can attend their games for far less than what you would pay for professional sports. If you really are a devoted sports fan, then season tickets to the team of your choice can go a long way to making new friends for you. Can't afford them? Pool resources with other people and work out a schedule for who uses the tickets and when. You have just expanded your circle of friends, possibly to your dating advantage.

Never turn down an invitation. Your friend asked you over for a party? Put on a bright smile and go, you never know when someone will have dragged their unattached cousin along with them. Unless you live in a rural area, you are probably surrounded by people at least part of each day, so smile and strike up conversations wherever you go. If nothing else, you will be sharpening your social skills.

If you are truly, painfully shy though, and none of your friends is willing or able to set you up with a date, then you might consider online dating. There are countless dating sites, offering nearly every niche and taste imaginable. There is literally something for everybody on the Internet, you simply have to know where to look. Check out the bigger name sites first and see if you are at all interested. The better sites allow you to look around before you actually sign up, so keep that in mind before you sign up. Do not get roped into a lengthy contract before you know exactly what you expect to find from the site itself and from any potential matches. Some sites have listings for marriage minded as well as people only looking for casual dating, so know what you want and what you are getting.

If the Internet is really not for you and you are just not meeting the right person, consider the speed dating events that are held in most major cities. You sit at a table while a volley of men sit across from you and attempt to dazzle you in five minutes. A bell rings, and a new man takes the seat and gives the same thing a try. At the end of the night, you rate the men and whether or not you would consider an actual date with them or not. The events get high reviews from participants for the most part, and if they work, why not?

In the end, you know yourself and your tastes better than anybody else does. You don't go looking for a husband in a bar and you don’t try to hook up for a one night stand with the choir master at your local church. Know what you will want and that will narrow down your searching spots. Happy hunting!


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